Top 6 Payroll App, Software, and Other Tech Solutions

Do you own a business? Do you have employees? If so, you undoubtedly have to handle payroll.

While you can certainly attempt to handle payroll on your own, the better option is to make use of a payroll app. There are a number of payroll apps available on the market today, each of which comes with its own set of upsides and downsides.

Looking for the best? Then read on. We’re going to cover the top 10 below.


Topping our list is, a simple and straightforward paystub generator that’s quick and easy to use. Providing everything from pay stubs to W-2s to 1099-MISCs, it has everything necessary to inform employees and contractors of their wages and salaries.

Not only does this site provide a number of pay stub templates, but it also allows you to create your own customized paycheck stubs. Though it comes with customer support available 24/7, you likely won’t need it: it’s exceedingly easy to use. costs $8.99 per payroll period, a very affordable price compared to similar apps on the market.

2. Paychex

Next up is Paychex, a payroll app that can be operated on phones, computers, tablets, and other WiFi-accessible devices. Providing everything from pay stubs to W-2s to 401(K) contribution data and more, it can handle the entire payroll process.

This app is available in three different packages: Express Payroll, Paychex Flex Select, and Paychex Flex Pro.

Express Payroll comes with new-hire reporting, tax filing features, automatic payroll, 24/7 customer support, and direct deposit. It costs $15 per pay period plus $1 per payee.

Flex Select offers all of the features that Express Payroll offers, plus check payment capabilities and the services of a payroll specialist. It costs $35 per pay period plus $2.50 per payee.

Flex Pro offers all of the features of the aforementioned packages, plus integration with accounting software, workers’ compensation assistance, wage garnishment assistance, unemployment insurance assistance, and financial reporting. It costs $74 plus $3.15 per payee.

So, regardless of how many features you need, Paychex has a package that can accommodate you. In that sense, it might just be the best payroll app on the market today.

3. QuickBooks

Another app to consider is the QuickBooks Payroll app. This app is extremely powerful, capable of integrating with other QuickBooks apps that are available. So, if you wish, you can establish a powerful accounting system with the use of QuickBooks apps only.

The QuickBooks Payroll app itself comes with direct deposit, automatic payroll, employee information access, tax e-filing, and more. Overall, this is a fairly solid suite of features. Note, however, that when compared to Paychex, it’s lacking.

The biggest issue with QuickBooks, however? Its price. It starts at $45 a month plus $4 per payee.

That’s fairly steep for a payroll app, especially one that lacks some features. Note, though, that if coupled with the other Quickbooks apps that are available, this price becomes a little more reasonable. As such, it might be worth your consideration.

4. SurePayroll

Sure Payroll app is made by the same company that makes Paychex. While it offers some of the same features as Paychex, it’s ultimately a more bare-bones version of the app.

For instance, while it keeps track of hours worked, sick days, and employee financial information, it doesn’t provide the ability to e-file taxes. Not to mention, it offers no opportunity to utilize the services of a payroll specialist.

That said, for the sake of most small businesses, it is sufficient. Not only does it help with new-hire reporting but it also allows for unlimited payment runs.

It starts at $19.99 a month plus $4 per payee. However, if you wish, you can receive a few more benefits by paying $29.99 a month plus $5 per payee. These benefits include a no-penalty-tax guarantee as well as a bevy of HR resources.

5. Square

Do most of your work with contractors? If so, you should consider using Square. This app doesn’t offer as many features as Paychex but is also much cheaper.

If you do use Square to pay hourly employees, you can make use of its automatic payroll feature. This will ensure that your employees are paid in full and on time without forcing you to even lift a finger.

Other features offered by Square include paper payment, new-hire reporting, wage garnishment features, and tax filing features. It also comes with superb customer service.

If you’re only using Square to pay contractors, it costs just $5 per payment per payee. If you’re using it for employees as well, it costs $25 per month plus $5 per payee.

6. Gusto

One last option to consider is Gusto, a full-service payroll app that can serve anything from small businesses to large corporations and everything in between. Note, though, that Gusto is entirely restricted to computer use. There is no phone app available.

Why choose Gusto? Because it provides every feature you could ever need. Not only does it provide basic payroll features but employee benefits features (healthcare, dental, and vision), government compliance features, and HR assistance as well.

There are three different Gusto packages available: Core, Complete, and Concierge.

Core costs $39 a month plus $6 per payee; Complete costs $39 a month plus $12 per payee; Concierge costs $149 a month plus $12 per payee. Most small businesses will get by fine with the Core package. That said, the advanced packages might provide some features you’ll enjoy.

Make Your Life Easier With a Payroll App

If you’re required to pay employees on a regular basis, you would be wise to make use of one of the payroll apps reviewed above. In using a payroll app, you’ll simplify the payroll process, making payment and bookkeeping as easy as possible.

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