Unable To Connect To Nvidia – How to Fix Nvidia Geforce

If you are getting error unable to connect to nvidia then don’t worry because tons of people getting same error and interestingly we got some quick solutions. Most people are encountering this problem while updating their windows operating system of version 7 and above.

For gamers, Nvidia resides in the core of their heart and they are the ones who disturbed more with error like “unable to connect to Nvidia”. So without wasting time let’s start to fix nvidia geforce “unable to connect to nvidia” error message.

unable to connect to nvidia

Solutions for Geforce experience unable to connect to nvidia problem.

1. Upgrade geforce experience

One of the quickest solutions is to upgrade a version of geforce experience which is running on old than 2.3.x.x version. You can always download the latest version of nvidia from their official website. If you are still getting an error then proceed to next solution.

2. Disable Nvidia services

The reason for error unable to connect to Nvidia could be the Nvidia network service which stuck in starting status. This would triggers some connectivity issue which makes impossible to download anything via geforce experience.


Follow the steps to Learn How to Fix Nvidia Geforce – Unable To Connect To Nvidia:

1. Press the Windows Key + R at the same time, and enter MSC and press ENTER.
2. Now press the N Key on your keyboard to faster locate NVIDIA Network Service. Make sure that the status of this service is starting.
3. Go to C:\ProgramDara\NVIDIA Corporation\NetService\. Delete XML, which should be an XML document type file. If you can’t see this file listed here, you need to tap on show hidden folders.
4. On your keyboard, press the Windows Key + X at the same time and tap on Task Manager.
5. Click the Details tab and exe and then tap on End Task.
6. Go back to Services windows, right-click NVIDIA Network Services and start it.

Watch below video to get help to fix unable to connect to nvidia. if the video does not load please use this link to view on Youtube or checkout nvidia forum

3. Update nvidia graphics card driver (Recommended)

If above two methods is not working to resolve your issue, then you need to check for alternatives to download and update your nvidia graphics driver.
You can manually update nvidia graphics card driver via device manager or windows updates. If you lack skills of manually update or lack of time then download any good software that will update windows drivers automatically.

4. Advanced method to fix “Unable to connect to nvidia”

Follow the steps to fix this issue:

• Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and open the host in the Notepad.
• Create a backup copy of the available text before editing it. Change the “0.0.0” to “” or simply remove “x.x.x.x” localhost.
• If you can’t edit it on the spot then you can copy page it in notepad and edit it and then paste it back.
• Now open and try updating GeForce again and it should work.

Hopefully, you get the solution to fix the geforce experience Unable to connect to nvidia error. If you know any quick and easiest solution then you can mention in our comment box.

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