Use Link Retargeting to Leverage Content for Maximum Traction

Do you know that 97% of first-time visitors come to your website leaving without any product or booking any service from your online face verification.

But that is not the end of the road for you. Unless you have the opportunity to bring them back and most of them converted.

Link retargeting is one of the profit-driven digital marketing strategies that remind your website, visitors, about your products & services. And, it could happen that this time they feel interested in buying from you.

It is a strategic marketing fact that 70% of the retargeting customers likely to come back to your online brand. Most importantly, using a link retargeting strategy can let users click on any URL, leverage other’s people content, and bring more value to your business.

So, over here, we will be discussing best practices of link retargeting that you can follow to increase web traffic, conversion rate, and the overall ROI.

Before starting the same, let’s first understand what is retargeting with an easy-to-view example.

What is Link Retargeting?

Retargeting is an effective marketing activity that allows placing a pixel on a website URL that records the traction of visitors and analyses their behavior.

For those who do not know, a pixel is a tracking pixel that uses tiny snippets of codes to gather information about users on a particular link.

Here, the focus is placing the retargeting pixel on someone else’s content. It benefits your brand when a visitor clicks on that link, then he/she redirects to our website as the retargeting visitor.

To better understand this, let’s take an example.

If there is a company “A” that deals in the same kind of business product/services as yours, then you have the opportunity to retarget their link. Doing this will help the users of “A” company’s URL redirects to your website, find your product/services, and might get converted to increase your ROI only.

In this way, we can say that you can leverage other brand’s content to help the buyer buy from your organization.
How it Does Work?

Before explaining the working process of link retargeting, you need to know the fact that not every marketing company offers this variable service.

You can only find it with the best digital marketing agency in India. It is possible that they offer this assistance as a part of their broader service or as a specific niche.

Now, coming back to link retargeting, get to know how it works in our step-by-step process.

# Step 1: Find Out what you want to accomplish?

The first step starts with the requirement and goals you want to achieve. For this, you need to decide which social media channel of ad you want to create. Also, decide whether you need a single, large audience, or segment-wise audience for your campaign.

#Step 2: Select the Campaign

Before you create links for your retargeting activity, first create a campaign to be associated with those links.
It requires because anyone who clicks on that link will be added to your campaign’s audience. And, this gives you the opportunity to target them with specific advertisements.

• The campaign must have an ad-click-through URL where you retarget the ad.
• Use Facebook pixel if you want to use Facebook ad.
• Create shortened links and assign the same to the selected campaign.

#Step 3: Activate the Campaign

One thing to notice in the process is to have your ad campaign ready, before building the links. No need to activate the campaign before creating the ads.

After that, you can start building your audience and run ads on that particular segment to get the desired result. Also, note the fact that you can anytime change the name of the campaign and URL.

Quick Tips for an Effective Link Retargeting Activity

• Create a segmented audience list
• You can retarget the people across different ad platforms
• No need to include customers from the acquisition campaign
• Regularly monitor the ad frequency to see the results
• Perform A/B testing for all the creative beforehand
• Need to measure the campaign performance across different platforms

Fill the Content Gap for your Campaign

One of the challenges that will come across this activity is finding the apt content.
Well, the solution lies to use the content of the authentic source to fill in the gap and serve the purpose of retargeting conversions.

Curate the content from valid resources and brands dealing with the same kind of business as yours.


Digital marketing services in India have crossed the conventional barriers of increasing web traffic and conversions of a particular business. Link retargeting and using other brand’s content is a unique way of increasing your company’s traction in a hassle-free manner.

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