Warranty Worries: How Long Do Phones Stay Under Warranty?

A majority of Americans, about 97% all told, own a cell phone of some kind. To many, a functioning phone is crucial to their everyday lives or even their jobs.

That’s why when you buy a new phone, you should get a product that not only works but also has a warranty in case something happens to it. But how long does a typical warranty last? And what goes into a typical warranty?

That’s what we’re here to look at today. Read on to find out how long a phone stays under warranty and what that might mean for you.

What Is a Phone Warranty?

A phone warranty is more or less a guarantee by the phone manufacturer that your phone will be replaced or fixed if they find a defect that’s the manufacturer’s fault. This puts less pressure on the consumer.

What Is Covered In Warranties?

Every warranty has a different language that specifies what it covers and doesn’t cover. Generally speaking, however, they’ll promise to cover any manufacturing issues or defective parts.

You can usually put in a warranty claim when something goes awry with your phone as long as it’s within the warranty period and it’s not your fault. If the phone malfunctions because of something you did, that claim might not work.

So How Long Does a Warranty Last?

Most commercial phones come with at least a one-year manufacturer warranty. Some warranties can last as long as two years. Either way, you receive a good amount of time to detect any issues with your phone.

If you purchase a refurbished phone, or a used phone that’s been repaired to working order, the warranty might be shorter. This is likely due to the older nature of each phone.

You can also purchase extended warranties to keep your phone under warranty for longer. These typically cost more but might be beneficial if you’re worried about your phone breaking down.

As we mentioned, each manufacturer has different policies when it comes to warranties. If you’re on the market for Motorola phones, for example, be sure to check out Motorola warranty information before buying.

What Are You Liable For?

When you decide to send in your phone during your warranty period for any reason, be aware of the costs and stipulations that your manufacturer might impose. Postage and delivery costs are usually covered.

Understand that you’ll be without your phone for a specified period of time since the manufacturer will likely run tests and determine your phone’s defect’s origins. After that, you’ll likely get a quote for repairs.

Also know that some manufacturers might not give your old phone back, and instead provide a replacement. They’ll notify you of this, but understand that this is a possibility.

Understanding Warranties for Your Phone

Every phone has a different warranty, but that doesn’t mean you should be in the dark about how long it lasts. Use this article to set your expectations about how long warranties last and what they usually entail.

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