What Are Cam Follower Bearings Used For?

Did you know cam follower bearings were invented and patented in 1937? They were created to replace the standard bearing and bolt. Since then, cam follower bearings have been widely used because of the higher loads they can handle.

But what are cam follower bearings and what uses do they have? Read on to find out what these mechanical components can offer.

What Are Cam Follower Bearings?

A cam is a device that converts rotary motion, which is motion created around an axis, to linear motion, which is motion in a straight line. It is a rotating element that gives reciprocating energy to another part called the follower.

It can be part of a machine which can be like a rotating wheel or a shaft that strikes a lever’s path.

To transform the rotary motion to linear motion, the cam needs to touch the follower. There are different types of cam followers, including wedge or knife types, roller, or flat-ended.

Cam follower bearings, also known as track followers, are essential to ensure the cam followers work correctly. They can withstand intermittent shock and heavy loads. They can also handle extreme shock loads without cracking because of their soft cores.

Cam follower bearings are thicker than other types of bearings, so they can absorb more shock and they can reduce distortion. They also distribute evenly, no matter the unit’s configuration.

There are two types of cam follower bearings, stud style and yoke style. You can choose from metal and plastic cam follower options like iCam followers, depending on what you prefer and what your needs are.

Cam Follower Applications

Cam follower bearings have a wide variety of uses. Internal combustion engines use them to open and close the outlet valve and intake valve, and automated types of machines as well as hydraulic systems also use them.

In the field of mechanical engineering, the cam follower allows for the even distribution of forces in single machine components. Options like the iCam are perfect for marine applications, as well, because they do not absorb moisture and they remain dimensionally stable. Because they are available in stainless steel, they can also be used in saltwater environments.

Turn to Cam Follower Bearings for Efficiency

Cam follower bearings can make the function of certain machinery much more efficient. For bearing solutions, you want to turn to cam follower bearings because they can withstand shock in a way that other bearings cannot and they can also handle heavier loads.

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