What Are the Different Types of Advertising That Exist Today?

Advertising is a make-or-break aspect of any company you run. Digital advertising alone is on pace to become a $787 billion business globally by 2026.

Knowing the best advertising vehicles will help you take control of your business and grow your customer base.

So what are the most important types of advertising that you should key in on? Consider these words of advice when researching the different types of advertising you can use for your business or brand.

Social Media Advertising

Social media is one of the most pivotal arts of the marketing industry now and for the foreseeable future.

About 72% of people in the United States use social media outlets. When you master social media advertising, you’ll be able to reach new segments of the population so that you can drum up fresh business.

For starters, you need to know the differences between the social media outlets to advertise on them effectively.

Facebook has an older and more established crowd, which is why ads related to real estate and auto sales do well here. TikTok features a younger group more prone to jumping on trends and crazes.

Learn to get your point across in a concise manner with each post. Filter based on demographics, and work to increase engagement.

Direct Mail Advertising

Direct mail marketing isn’t dead, even in a digital world. There are many perks of direct mail marketing. There’s less competition and specific targeting is easier. You also get to cut through the digital noise.

People today look forward to snail mail far more than e-mail. They’re more likely to open your advertising materials once it reaches their doorstep.

When creating direct mail advertising campaigns, make sure to start with a quality list of researched recipients. Ensure that your copy is well-written and painstakingly proofread before sending it out.

Above all, put some thought into designing your direct mail pieces and make sure that they’re printed with impeccability. You can hire professional printing companies to put together direct mail marketing materials.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Today, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is one of the most vital lead-generation strategies you can use.

In 2017 alone, advertisers invested more than $10 billion on PPC ads. PPC advertising is cost-effective because you only pay based on performance and activity.

You’ll receive a stark uptick in traffic, which you can use to your advantage. Good PPC can also help when you haven’t mastered search engine optimization (SEO).

Placing Ads in Newspapers and Magazines

The success of your marketing efforts in this space will depend on understanding your consumer base. Though much of the world has gone digital, print ads are still incredibly effective for several businesses.

If you work in real estate or run a business with a local presence, advertising in newspapers can garner a tremendous amount of attention. Niche businesses can generate a lot of fresh leads and conversions with magazine ads.

Paying for TV Ad Spots

Television ads also provide plenty of opportunities to leverage the attention of viewers. Some of the most groundbreaking and must-see content still airs on TV. You can take advantage of this quality of content by buying commercial air time.

Do your research to understand your brand and the message you need to get across in your ads. Tell stories that are persuasive and compelling. A commercial production company will use scripts and storyboards to drive your points home.

Figure out which time slots and customer demographics work best for your company so that you also get the best possible return on investment (ROI).

Advertising Through Content Marketing

Content marketing allows small business owners to compete against the big dogs.

Today, people are voracious content consumers because they have more options than ever before: blogs, vlogs, e-books, podcasts, TV and radio, magazines, social media, and more. By entertaining or teaching your customers, you will build brand trust and awareness that will eventually transform into sales.

Any content you create should feature strong calls to action (CTAs) that prompt people to do business with you. This way, your content serves its underlying purpose of helping you get conversions.

Purchasing Podcast Ads

The United States will have 144 million people who listen to podcasts every month by the year 2025.

This content is ripe for picking if you’re looking for ad space. Find podcasts that target your target audience demographics and buy space for each episode.

Podcast advertising works best if you have an ongoing promotion or want to share a promo code for an affiliate marketing campaign.

E-Mail Marketing Advertising

Finally, don’t forget about advertising to your established base. E-mail is marketing is best for this since it lets you keep your followers informed of everything you have going on.

There are plenty of innovative marketing campaigns you can run through e-mail. E-mail marketing can help you push new products, alert customers to their abandoned shopping carts, and more.

Choose Effective Types of Advertising

Knowing the various types of advertising models and methods available today will help you achieve the best outcomes for your company. From here, your next step is to hire the right advertising pros to help you get your message out there efficiently and cost-effectively.

The key in all of this is to pick a couple of advertising models that work for you and master them.

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