What Are the Different Types of Taxes People Have to Pay?

Taxes–yuck! Who wants to pay them? Like it or not, you’ll pay taxes just like everyone else; they’re unavoidable. Taxes pay our governments and keep our societies running. This includes health care and quality educational institutions.

Haven’t you ever wondered what types are out there? Continue reading to know more about the different types of taxes people can pay.

What Are the Different Types of Taxes People Have To Pay?

Most adults have to pay taxes of some sort. Your taxes depend on many factors, including your income, family size, type of purchase, and the state you live in. There are many different types of taxes that people have to pay. Here are some of them:

Income Tax 

This is the most common type of tax. Everyone who has a job has to pay income taxes. The income tax you pay depends on how much money you make. The income tax funds programs like national defense and education.

Payroll Taxes 

Payroll taxes are deductions from an employee’s paycheck. The payroll tax funds programs like Social Security and Medicare.

Social Security Taxes 

These are payroll taxes imposed on employees and employers. The amount of the tax is based on the employee’s wages. The tax funds the Social Security program, which benefits retired and disabled workers.

Medicare Taxes 

This helps to fund the Medicare program, which provides health insurance for seniors and disabled Americans.

Estate Tax 

This is a tax on property transfers after a person dies. Every property that was owned by the previous person who died is calculated properly and the government imposes a tax on them based on the value of the assets.

Gift Tax 

A gift tax is imposed on the transfer of property between individuals.

Sales Taxes 

Sales taxes are assessed where the sale occurred. The tax is calculated as a percentage of the sale price of the good or service. The tax is generally imposed on the buyer but may be passed on to the seller.

Property Taxes

These are taxes on properties, such as homes, land, and other buildings. The amount people have to pay depends on the value of their property and the tax rate.

Excise Tax

This is the type of tax people must pay on producing and selling certain goods and services. This is also the tax on gasoline, cigarettes, and alcohol. Excise taxes use to fund programs like road construction and public health.

Self-employment Taxes 

These are taxes that self-employed individuals pay and calculate as a percentage of their self-employment income.

How Are Taxes Calculated?

Taxes depend on the type of tax. When a person or company pays taxes, it must submit a “determination letter” to the tax authority. This letter explains how the tax was calculated and how much you owe.

But did you know there are ways to reduce the amount you pay on taxes? The most common way is to use tax deductions and tax credits, reducing the amount of taxes you owe. Another way to reduce your taxes is to use tax-exempt investments. These investments are not subject to taxes.

Know the Types of Taxes That You Owe

Paying taxes is integral to being a citizen as it helps pay for different things the government needs. Understanding the different types of taxes is essential so you won’t have any tax issues in the future.

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