May 28, 2023

Are you having problems getting products to your customers? If so, you’re working with a handicap.

Reports show that 57% of companies believe an excellent supply chain gives them a competitive advantage. If you don’t do everything you can to streamline your operation, it’s hard to keep up with other companies.

Freight consolidation is a great option if you’re having problems nailing the logistics for your business. Keep reading below to learn about the benefits you see when working with a freight consolidation company in the shipping industry.

Less Costly

Do you constantly find yourself with half-full trucks? If so, you’re wasting money on shipping costs. You aren’t getting the most value for the money when you don’t maximize the space you use on trucks.

That doesn’t happen when you invest in freight consolidation for your freight shipment needs. If you don’t have enough products to fill a truck, your products get bunched with items from other companies.

This will fill the truck completely to keep fewer trucks off the road. However, you don’t pay the price you normally pay to ship products in a half-empty truck. You only pay for the products you send since you’re sharing space with other companies.

You also save money with shipping costs. Your freight shippers ship in bulk, which means they get more significant discounts on services. Many of those savings are passed to you.

Better Product Visibility

One issue many businesses have is gaining visibility with their shipments. They may be able to track products once they reach a primary carrier, but what happens to that product in the meantime?

Freight consolidators in the logistics industry invest in tracking tools to give insight into the supply chain. You’ll get access to those reports to see where every product is in the shipping cycle. You won’t need to worry about something being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Knowing this will help you see how well your shipping process works. If something doesn’t look right, you can work with your freight consolidator to improve things or move to more effective freight services.

Fewer Risk Factors

You run a lot of risks when you ship products. You have to ensure the workers handle things correctly and pack everything right. On top of that, you probably have several drop-off points that increase the chance of damage.

In addition to package issues, you also have more trucks on the road since you aren’t consolidating freight. Every truck you have running is an additional risk.

That risk gets reduced when you work with a freight consolidator. Your freight company will get your products to their location in fewer trips. That means fewer hands touching the packaging and less risk of damage.

Since you have fewer trucks on the road, that also reduces the risk. All of this leads to fewer transit interruptions and more reliable shipping services.

Greater Customer Satisfaction

With how hard it is to manage a supply chain the right way, it’s no surprise that you have packages that don’t make it to customers on time. Things get lost in translation, so it’s easy to misplace products and send stuff to the wrong place.

You don’t have those problems when working with an experienced logistics expert. Your logistics partner has the skill required to optimize every part of the supply chain process.

This optimization means mistakes happen much less frequently. Your partner has systems to catch errors, fix them, and get products to customers on time.

Ultimately, this leads to much higher customer satisfaction.

Handle Scale Better

Even if you have an optimized shipping process today, things can change quickly when you get an increase in demand. You’ll find that some of your methods aren’t optimized and won’t be enough to fulfill your new demand.

You’ll also need to hire new employees and bring them up to speed. Often, you can’t do this fast enough and will fall behind.

You don’t have scaling issues when working with a freight consolidation company like They have the infrastructure and employees to handle any demand you send them.

Simpler Pricing

It’s not always easy to figure out pricing with other shipping services. They use complex algorithms to handle pricing, which aren’t always easy to understand.

Most freight consolidation companies keep pricing simple. You get charged for the number of miles driven and how much your product load weighs.

You won’t need to worry about surprise charges like other shipping methods and can better predict your shipping cost. That ultimately leads to more ability to take chances in other parts of your business because you can keep less money in your reserves.

Better Sustainability

Being more sustainable is becoming popular in the business world. People know the environment is facing issues, so they’re turning to more sustainable companies.

Working with a freight consolidator is a great way to go down that path. You use more resources when you manage freight on your own. You have more trucks on the road and are inefficient.

The efficiencies provided by a freight consolidator mean you have less of a carbon footprint. You can rest easy knowing you’re doing everything possible to minimize your company’s impact on the environment.

Freight Consolidation Is Worth Investing In

Logistics is one of the hardest things to get right in business. You have to have an inventory system you can manage and a system to get your products to your customers quickly.

Each part of the process requires particular expertise, so it makes sense to outsource those functions to an expert. Speak with a freight consolidation company to learn more about how they can help improve your business and better serve your customers.

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