What Is the Price of Bitcoin?

Earlier, in April 2021, bitcoin hit an all-time high value of over $63,000! With cryptocurrency already becoming such a hot topic in the last few years, plus the insane prices bitcoin’s reached, this crypto’s gotten many people interested in buying in.

But what you should know is that price of bitcoin is very volatile. While yes, it reached over $63,000, you can bet that it’s not worth that today.

Are you now wondering about the current bitcoin price? Then read on. We’ll dive into this tough subject!

The Current Price of Bitcoin

At the time of writing (September 23, 2021), the price of bitcoin is just shy of $43,885. But as we’ve said, bitcoin is very volatile, so that means it’s possible that the price will fluctuate by the time the article is published!

If you want to buy or sell, or if you’re just curious about bitcoin cost, what you should do is check the bitcoin cash price by using a reputable site. You should check often to get a good idea of what the current trend is.

What Affects Bitcoin Pricing?

Mainly, bitcoin prices are determined by the supply and demand, like with any other commodity.

What you should know about bitcoin is that there’s a finite amount. Back in December 2020, almost 90% of it had already been mined, so it’s understandable why prices have skyrocketed! It’s predicted that the final bitcoin will be mined in 2140.

Also, bitcoin pricing is affected by the demand for and the number of competing cryptocurrencies. The more cryptos there are, the more competitive pricing will be. However, bitcoin is far ahead of the curve, which means it’ll pretty much always be more expensive than other cryptos, even popular ones like Ethereum.

What Are the Predicted Trends?

The thing is, there are various predicted trends from various professionals who have analyzed previous trends. Some generous predictions say that bitcoin can exceed $100,000 in 2021, while others have more modest predictions, like $66,000 by the end of 2021.

While it’s true that bitcoin prices are never stable, you can expect the general trend to be upward. There will be small ups and downs, but thanks to its finite amount, bitcoin should rise in price as the years go by.

So if you’re planning on making some money off of your bitcoin, it just might pay off to be patient and wait for a few years. The amount of bitcoin available will only get scarcer, which means you’ll fetch a handsome price for what you have!

Try Your Hand at Crypto

The price of bitcoin jumps and falls often. But if you purchase and sell at the right times, you stand to benefit financially in a huge way!

So keep your ear to the ground. Check the prices often, read up on the trends, and buy/sell at the best times. You just might strike it rich!

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