What’s Your Range? The Different Types of Ranges and Ovens

Imagine trying to bake a cake without being able to precisely adjust the temperature. In the 1790s Count Rumford invented the first modern range. Since then, technology, such as temperature control, has only improved, giving society easy-to-use ways to cook food.

If you’re looking to purchase a range, you’ll be met with a lot of options. Let’s take a look at the types of ranges and ovens you should consider for your home or business.

What Is a Range?

The words range, stove, and cooktop are often used interchangeably. However, if you are looking to purchase kitchen equipment you should be specific in what you want.

A stovetop or cooktop is a flat, open surface that you cook on. A range, or stove, combines a stovetop with an oven in one unit.

Types of Ranges

Gas ranges use gas as fuel to create a flame that you can cook with. It is easy to control the level of flame you want and change it quickly when you need to. Because of this control, many cooks prefer using a gas range.

Electric ranges use radiant heat to cook. You can find ranges with coils or ceramic or glass tops. Electric ranges are very convenient, affordable, and easy to clean. You only need an electrical outlet to install an electric range.

Induction ranges are also powered by electricity, though the technology they use is a lot different. The induction element under the surface heats your cookware directly. However, the glass cooktop surface does not get hot.

These ranges are very energy efficient and responsive to temperature changes. However, they are usually more expensive than other options. If you do wish to use an induction range, you’ll need to buy induction-ready cookware.

In addition to the type of range you want, you should think about what range features you want. For example, you’ll need to choose how many burners you want and the size of the range.

Types of Ovens

There are many different types of ovens to choose from. You need to decide if you want a range or wall oven, whether it will be a single or double oven, and if it will use gas or electric.

Conventional ovens have two heating elements that are usually at the top and bottom of the oven. A fan circulates air around the oven and the food to help it cook.

Convection ovens use a fan and exhaust system to circulate hot air around the oven. They usually have more consistent temperatures and are good if you need to cook on multiple racks.

You may also want to consider a professional oven. Chef ovens are usually convection ovens, though they may be more powerful and precise than the average home oven. Whether you work in a restaurant or cook at home, commercial kitchen supplies can help make cooking easier.

When purchasing an oven, you also need to think about what oven features you want. Many people look for adjustable shelves.

A storage drawer below the stove is helpful to store pots and pans. Other people prefer stoves with a warming drawer. Self-cleaning ovens are also quite popular, though this feature is not common on pro-ranges.

Choose the Range That Meets Your Needs

There are a number of types of ranges and ovens that you can purchase for your home or business. By knowing about each type and what features to consider, you can choose one that will make cooking much more pleasant.

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