Why Do I Need Quality Content Writing for My Website? A Brief Guide

Did you know that the demand for content writers is up by 33%?

Content writing has the ability to transform a company website into an information hub, but only if done well.

So, what does that look like, and why should you focus on content writing for your next marketing strategy? Keep reading to find out!

Your Copy is Your Reputation

Though we’re in the era of YouTube and TikTok, you might be surprised to hear that it’s content writing that has the biggest sway over consumers. Research shows that up to 77% of people still read blogs on a consistent basis, citing content writing as a strong source of information on products and services.

Therefore, your aim is to provide readers with quick, easily-digestible content that aims to fix their problems first and sell your product/service second.

Taking a customer-centric approach is the easiest way to establish a relationship with your audience and earn their trust. Once you have their trust, they’re more likely to buy and recommend your products.

Your reputation isn’t just what lives on your website, though. It’s what readers see when they search for a query related to your brand.

If you’re not one of the first few results on Google, there’s a good chance that search engine users will skip over your website entirely. The good news is that web crawlers take this into account. If you’re publishing high-quality content marketing, Google is more than happy to feature your website provided it’s informative, easy to read, and provides value to the reader.

Content Writing Can Be the Most Affordable Form of Marketing

Businesses don’t always have a ton of extra money to spend on marketing, stressing the importance of making every penny count. Well, content writing is one of the most effective yet most affordable forms of marketing out there, particularly if you’re considering outsourcing.

As this list points out, rates tend to vary based on the project’s extent and the writer’s expertise.

Generally, you can expect to pay between $0.05 and $1.00 per word, making it less stressful on your marketing budget.

Great Content Keeps Your Brand Voice Unified

If you’re not careful, it’s quite easy for your branding strategy to backfire.

Let’s say someone comes to your website and reads two different blog posts, published by two different staff writers. They read completely different, with one taking a casual and fun approach and the other getting into highly technical details.

While the overall goal of the SEO content writing might be the same — to drive traffic and convert readers into buyers — the tonal difference is enough to muddle your intended brand voice, essentially warranting the messaging itself useless.

Content writing is important, yes, but it’s nothing without a consistent tone that delivers a unified experience throughout each channel.

Not a Writer? Not a problem! Why You Still Need Content Writing

Stop letting your writing ability (or perceived lack thereof) keep you from providing your audience with great content. Whether you outsource or write in-house, a great content writing strategy is vital to your company’s health.

For more info on how you can grow your business without breaking your budget, check out our marketing section!

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