With the advancement of technology and increasing customer demand, the coming year offers a new perspective for drivers and retailers to find new revenue opportunities. If you take a CAGR approach, it is expected that the annual increase in the food delivery industry will be about 13.68 percent from 2022-2027. Customers are willing to pay for delivery fees and commissions, even if they aren’t high.

However, as online food delivery app script expand their business, they need drivers or routing optimization solutions. Additionally, there are numerous options for using a service provider service. If it’s a pickup from a restaurant or a store, You might wonder, “Which is the best delivery app to work for in 2023?” The blog lists 14 top delivery apps you should be aware of.

Best Delivery Apps Comparison

To help you answer your questions, we’ve listed the top delivery applications and compared their capabilities and categories. They were selected based on the reviews and ratings of their users. They are well-known for their ease-of-use features.

Delivery AppCategory Top Features
DoorDash Food & grocery delivery
  • Real-time tracking is supported
  • Multiple payment methods
  • No-contact delivery
Instacart Grocery & food delivery
  • Coupons exclusive to you
  • Chat function
  • Group shopping
  • Contactless delivery
  • Same-day pickup or delivery
Delivery.com Alcohol, food, gifts, laundry, groceries, and food delivery
  • Contact-free delivery
  • Group-ordering
  • Earn delivery points for every purchase
  • Tag favorite restaurants
  • Unlimited delivery for free
Postmates Food Delivery
  • System for tracking orders
  • Simple pickup and easy delivery.
  • Real-time notifications
ChowNow Food orders
  • Connect people with local restaurants
  • Commission-free
Shipt Delivery of household and grocery items
  • Same-day delivery
  • Time tracking is an option
  • Multiple items delivery
Grubhub Food Delivery
  • Food delivery that is tracked in real-time
  • Supports contactless delivery
  • Offers online and cash payment as well as credit card
  • Keep track of your order history
  • Make your purchase before the time of your order
Uber Eats Food delivery
  • Simple delivery ordering
  • Real-time tracking of orders
  • Delivery without contact
  • Easy payment processing
Caviar Food delivery
  • Easy-to-search design
  • Quick customer support
  • No-contact delivery
  • Food options that are healthy and fresh are readily available
Bite Squad Food delivery
  • Live tracking system
  • Place an order in advance
Seamless Takeaway food delivery and restaurant takeout
  • The best restaurant deals and special deals
  • Preorders and express reorders
  • Look up reviews for local eateries.
  • Easy payment processing
Amazon Flex Delivery driver job
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Paying competitively
  • Weekly driver payment
Favor Delivery Food, groceries, and alcohol delivery service
  • 100% contact-free delivery experience
  • Best customer support
  • Smooth payment processing
GoPuff Food & alcohol delivery
  • Non-contact delivery
  • Fast order and quick delivery
  • Secure payment processing
  • Excellent customer service

14 Best Delivery Apps to Drive for in 2023

To meet the demands of their customers, delivery services provide alcohol, food, groceries, and other goods within the shortest time. In addition, with the increase in the number of apps available, it is imperative to study which will suit your requirements best.

If you’re trying to become a delivery person, you could look over the information of the 14 applications below and pick the best one for you.


DoorDash is a renowned delivery application that links food delivery drivers to customers.

This app for restaurant delivery services allows drivers (or we could call them Dashers) to deliver meals directly from restaurants to their customers who live at home or work.

When the order is received after receiving the order, it is up to the driver’s needs to deliver the food using a motorcycle, vehicle, or even walking. Additionally, they have the option of scheduling their schedule in advance.

In addition to catering services, DoorDash, in partnership with major companies such as Smart and Final, Walmart, and Fresh Thyme, allows potential customers to place grocery orders easily. Furthermore, DoorDash charges nothing extra for the products you purchase from these firms.


  • Flexible working hours and tips for customers
  • Simple-to-use interface
  • Pay-per-Piece is accessible


  • No hours are not guaranteed.
  • No hourly fee


The next app for delivery that we’ll mention is Instacart. Instacart has more than 150 grocery stores available for customers to select from.

The customer must purchase online at shops in a local area, and the Instacart app connects them to the driver, who will have the products delivered to their home with same-day delivery. The delivery service provides groceries and other essentials like diapers or flowers and alcohol delivery.

Instacart lets you order groceries online using contactless technology or deliver curbside directly to your local grocery store. It’s among the most reliable and stable delivery options available. It is because the Instacart app offers two choices for full-service and in-store shoppers. Instacart offers a great price scale for shoppers.


  • It saves time shopping for groceries
  • Food options that are healthy and nutritious
  • Provides convenient time slots


  • Items that cost a lot
  • Charges for delivery and service may be applicable if you do not have Instacart+


Delivery.com is a service for delivery that works with local cafés and shops across several cities across the U.S. and is best recognized for its delivery of alcohol, food, grocery laundry, and dry cleaning.

The app that delivers food offers the option of “self-delivery,” where you can collect your food directly from local hotels, restaurants, or other places.

In addition to offering food ordering, This app for delivery also provides many delivery options, such as scheduling pickups and drop-offs of groceries, laundry and wine spirits, and dry cleaning.

With the group ordering feature, you can swiftly reduce the number of deliveries you receive by splitting orders with your neighbors and roommates.


  • Other delivery options include grocery, laundry, and even alcohol
  • Flexible work hours
  • Good customer service


  • Paying less for drivers than other apps.
  • Orders may need to be more consistent.
  • Sometimes, payments can be delayed


Grubhub, one of the top food delivery applications, has more than 350,000 restaurants across thousands of cities across London, the U.S., and London.

You’ll need to be stocked with your favorite meals, and Grubhub offers a list of restaurants along with their food menu. After a few clicks on your phone, your food will be delivered to your doorstep.

This delivery service on demand mainly provides food delivery to restaurants and fast food eateries, but it’s now expanded into convenience stores that offer groceries to customers.


  • Support for customers is available via telephone for U.S. delivery drivers
  • More tips from customers
  • Flexibility, the details of orders are displayed before drivers accept them


  • There are few incentives available to delivery drivers.
  • Certain restaurants require minimum order quantities. restaurants
  • No liability insurance coverage for drivers


The company was previously known as a premium food delivery service; Caviar provides smaller but increasing food delivery options for customers on the East Coast, large cities in the Midwest, and California.

In the year 2019, DoorDash purchased Caviar. Caviar lets you find a variety of food items like donuts, sushi, fast food, or even Indian food, thanks to this strong partnership.

Before accepting the order, Caviar offers all the information to the driver who will deliver the order about earnings and even “expected pay” for the whole day. But, the actual income could differ depending on the number of orders, pickup, and delivery places.

The app that delivers food permits drivers to view the most current estimations of the amount they earn before every delivery. Furthermore, they must possess an active driver’s license before joining the company and delivering food to customers.


  • The payment details are available before accepting the order.
  • No penalty for orders with low rates of acceptance
  • A wide range of options for food


  • Only a few regions can access
  • Drivers aren’t very flexible when it comes to incorporating schedules


Postmates is among the most popular food delivery applications in the United States. Their slogan Postmates describes everything they offer. It reads “anything, anytime, anywhere.”

Postmates began its journey in 2011, and, at present, it provides the top food delivery service in more than 50 countries. Even though Uber Eats acquired Postmates in 2020, it continues to operate as its own brand.

In addition to food delivery services, Postmates provides grocery services for customers. But the most interesting feature of Postmates is that with their monthly delivery fees of $9.99, You do not have to pay delivery costs for orders that exceed $20. Delivery charges will depend on the size of your order and the total distance.


  • Simple and user-friendly
  • Potential to earn a lot
  • Flexible work hours


  • Direct deposit of money is permitted once certain conditions are met.
  • Paying a low amount on a waiting period

Uber Eats

Uber Eats is among the most highly-rated food delivery apps owned by the world-renowned ridesharing firm Uber. The main reason why it earned the status of “best delivery app” is because it has the top food delivery capabilities.

Uber Eats started its journey in 2014, and today, it has more than 9,500 business partnerships to provide food from your local eateries. Numerous prominent local eateries offer coupons and discounts on nearly every purchase made through this app.

Uber Eats quickly solves your hunger problem by offering you the option of ordering food from the restaurant you love.

Uber takes away the hassle of getting involved in paying for food purchases. Instead, the company’s partner restaurants are directly reimbursed by Uber. Uber Drivers of Eats are paid a substantial sum of their earnings.


  • Gives drivers incentives
  • Discounts and deals from restaurants
  • Divers may choose to pick the hours


  • Traffic and waiting time can be a source of frustration.
  • Failure of the GPS or wear and tear could be very frustrating.

Favor Delivery

Favor is the most convenient method of obtaining whatever you want from your city: food, grocery items, alcohol, wine, and many other necessities.

With this app, you can quickly browse menus from various local restaurants and shops near you by tapping your smartphone. Additionally, the Favor app provides fast delivery services to the most discerning customers, allowing them to get their orders within less than two hours.

The best part about Favor delivery is that you can design a personalized favor. It lets your runners tell them how to go and what items to purchase.


  • High driver pay
  • Also, bicycles can be delivered.
  • Better hourly guarantee of payments


  • Limited availability in all regions
  • Not as popular


GoPuff also offers late-night deliveries of food items and groceries to customers whenever they require them. Also, GoPuff has fixed delivery costs of $1.95.

GoPuff also sells over-the-counter medicines, electronic and beauty products, and electronics.


  • One central delivery hub
  • Hourly guaranteed pay
  • Flexible work hours


  • Lower earnings are competitive in comparison to other apps
  • Only available to certain regions

Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex can be your best option if you’re searching for an opportunity to become a delivery driver. It is available across North America, the UK, Spain, Germany, Singapore, Japan, and India. Amazon Flex provides great pay and allows drivers to deliver packages quickly.

It is a great alternative if you’re looking to save money or simply need a part-time job. Most Amazon Flex delivery partners earn between $18 and $25 per hour (although this can vary). The company also permits drivers to make their schedules in advance and deliver same-day delivery.


  • Excellent for delivery drivers
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Safety and health are the primary focus


  • Drivers are responsible for the costs of fuel
  • Taxes are to be paid independently


If you’re a New York resident searching for the best delivery service and are adamant about it, Seamless is the best option.

Seamless offers delivery and takeaway for food, particularly to New York people. With its fast and simple online ordering process, you can make a reservation for your meal by looking up menus on your phone.

Furthermore, the app for food delivery assists you in delivering food from your favorite eatery and provides you with discounts. You’ll earn points that you can use to score up to $100 worth of great discounts with each purchase.


  • It is available across a variety of places in the U.S.
  • Advanced delivery scheduling option
  • Paying competitively


  • There is less brand recognition outside of the large cities
  • Drivers aren’t able to work solely for Seamless because Grubhub owns it.

Bite Squad

Bite Squad is a food delivery app with useful filtering tools and an integrated search bar that can aid you in finding the top food-related dishes.

Customers can use the app to order restaurant delivery by selecting their preferences. Registration is simple and offers cheap booking costs, fast delivery, and precise orders.

With the live tracking function, it is easy to track the delivery of your food until it is delivered to your address. Suppose you have questions related to the delivery. Bite Squad offers a Live Chat support service to assist you.

If you require food on-demand wish to make your order ahead or schedule an order in advance, Bite Squad is the app for you. The Bite Squad app will get food from restaurants when you’d like it.


  • Hourly guaranteed pay
  • Drivers can schedule their hours of work ahead
  • Easy user interface


  • There are times when you’ll have to do more work
  • You must pay for car insurance and other taxes


Created in 2014, Shipt serves those who need immediate delivery. Its primary focus is on delivering groceries.

Shipt has expanded to over 55,000 cities following its acquisition by Target and was subsequently one of the most well-known food delivery services within the U.S. Customers can also select 1-hour deliveries of groceries and essential household items delivered to their doorsteps.

Shipt builds trust by delivering within the same day or even within one hour. Shipt shoppers get paid an average of between $20 and $thirty an hour. You can view the estimated earnings within the app and choose whether to accept the offer.


  • Same-day delivery or delivery within one hour
  • A variety of stores to visit and select from
  • You can make multiple orders at the same time on Shipt


  • Shipt buyers must shop by themselves
  • Prices are more expensive compared to purchases in stores because of processing and packaging


ChowNow doesn’t charge any commission fee, and it focuses on helping users find easy delivery or pickup options from their favorite eateries.

Therefore, they attempt to provide cheaper delivery alternatives. It’s an affordable delivery or food delivery service.

It provides a distinctive menu that differs from other takeaway restaurants. It connects restaurants to customers. ChowNow is an excellent platform for both Restaurants that require an online presence and those searching for a cheaper option.


  • Deliveries connect delivery drivers with restaurants
  • No hidden fees
  • Connects locals with restaurants


  • The delivery is limited to specific areas.
  • In comparison to other services

After reviewing the top delivery applications for major markets, including groceries, food, alcohol, and other necessities, you should know the details of the service offered by the app. To be the best delivery service, delivery companies, and delivery staff must offer the best possible customer experience. Let’s talk about this next topic.

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Are there any solutions to rid it? Absolutely! Drivers who are independent contractors can use software for route optimization, such as White Label Fox. With the human-centric design approach and optimizing algorithm, drivers can swiftly find the most efficient route for getting to the customer’s destination.

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